When it comes to public-sector pensions, writes lead author Michael B. Lafferty in this report, “A major public-policy (and public-finance) problem has been defined and measured, debated and deliberated, but not yet solved. Except where it has been.” As recounted in Halting a Runaway Train: Reforming Teacher Pensions for the 21st Century, these exceptions turn out to be revealing—and encouraging. As leaders around the country struggle to overhaul America’s controversial and precarious public-sector pensions, this study draws on examples from diverse fields to provide a primer on successful pension reform. Download to find valuable lessons for policymakers, workers, and taxpayers looking for timely solutions to a dire problem.

A native of Dayton, Ohio, Mike Lafferty is a freelance journalist and former reporter for The Columbus Dispatch newspaper, where he covered science, environment and agriculture news. Lafferty was the editor-in-chief of the "Ohio's Natural Heritage" book. He formerly worked for the Associated Press, the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

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