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If you are having an issue with a Fordham sponsored school and you are a parent or legal guardian of a currently enrolled student, you can get more information and submit a complaint here

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Overview of Fordham's Sponsorship Work

The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation has actively sponsored (i.e. authorized) charter schools in Ohio since 2005. Our portfolio includes some of Ohio’s highest performing and highly regarded schools.

We have developed expertise in all the core areas of Ohio charter sponsorship, including law, finance, compliance, facilities, new school start-up, closure, managing the application process for new schools, contract management, school monitoring and renewal decisions.

For a more in-depth description of Fordham's sponsorship work, please see our most recent annual report.

Questions regarding our sponsorship work may be directed to [email protected].

Fordham Foundation Policies:

A04 Conflict policy and process

C03 Contract amendment and update policy

D01 Oversight transparency policy

D02 Enrollment and financial reviews policy

D06 Intervention policy

E02 Renewal policy

E04 Termination policy

E05 Closure policy

ODEW Suspension closing procedures and assurances

Fordham closure protocol spreadsheet

F03 Policy on professional development


Annual Trainings

Sunshine Law Training (video)

2022 Sunshine Law Advanced Training

2022 Legislative Update

Training on Guidance and Monitoring Protocol

The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation's monitoring and performance protocol is updated annually and is also available, here.

Fordham publishes guidance that complements the contract and delineates and defines the roles and responsibilities of the sponsor and the school. Guidance is presented twice annually, with each school's fall and spring site visit report.

Fordham also offers training on the written guidance, here. The training includes information regarding school performance, renewal, roles and responsibilities, legal updates and compliance reviews which are also in each site visit report and annual report.

Site Visit Protocol

The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation conducts site visits, while school is in session, twice annually for each of the schools it sponsors that together cover the school’s compliance with all applicable laws, rules, contractual obligations and academic performance measures. The first visit takes place by December 31 and the second visit takes place by June 30. The protocol for our site visits is shared with the school leader and is available here.

Links to useful resources and organizations

National Alliance for Public Charter Schools 
National Association of Charter School Authorizers 
Ohio Department of Education and Workforce Office of Community Schools 
U.S. Department of Education Charter Schools Program
What Works Clearinghouse

Ohio Department of Education and Workforce Trainings

System To Achieve Results for Students (STARS) allows individuals to access information on upcoming professional development and technical assistance programs offered by ODEW. You can search for by topic, date, or area of focus. NOTE: To search STARS you must first sign in to your OHIO ID account on the Ohio Department of Education's website.


All Fordham sponsored community schools use Epicenter, a web-based workflow and compliance tool for authorizers and schools. It provides a single place to keep records and track activities to streamline the compliance process. Epicenter allows both the school and the sponsor to store, share, and access documents remotely, making the sponsor's oversight of community schools more convenient and efficient. Epicenter also functions as a document retention system.

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