Last week, as part of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute’s and the Hoover Institution’s Education 20/20 speaker series, renowned Princeton University professor of jurisprudence Robert P. George addressed the importance of “viewpoint diversity” in American colleges and universities. The whole talk is worth a listen. Especially notable for those of us in the K–12 realm: At the end, he issued a plea to everyone involved in high school education to beat back the ideological conformity that he’s seeing in the students arriving on campus, newly minted high school graduates who…

…think what, evidently, they think they are supposed to think. They seem to have absorbed uncritically progressive ideology and they embrace it zealously, obediently, and alas dogmatically as a faith, as a kind of religion. Challenging its presuppositions and tenets is regarded not merely as wrong or heretical but unthinkable. In other words, they come to us, these students, very diverse in so many ways, and yet already in groupthink.

Are you a high school teacher or administrator, a school board member, parent or state education leader? Please watch this eight minute segment now.

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