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How are teacher-evaluation policies shaping up across the fifty states and Washington, D.C.? Are these policies building strong structures that will lead to academic success? Or are statewide evaluations the latest Rube Goldberg invention, with too much complexity and too little of the local flexibility that would allow for continuous improvement in teaching? Which states are leading the way and which are just checking off the policy box for an NCLB waiver?

Join the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, National Council on Teacher Quality, and School Improvement Network for a double feature on the latest teacher-evaluation research and a lively discussion about the best way forward on teacher-evaluation reform.


Sandi Jacobs Presentation

Chet Linton Presentation

Connect the Dots:
Using Evaluations of Teacher Effectiveness to Inform Policy and Practice

National Council on Teacher Quality
October 2013

Teacher Evaluation Policy
Implementation and Local Flexibility: Burden or Benefit?

School Improvement Network
November 2013


Sandi Jacobs
Vice President and Managing Director for State Policy, National Council on Teacher Quality
Alice Johnson Cain
Vice President for Policy, Teach Plus
Chet Linton
CEO and President, School Improvement Network
Rob Weil
Director of Field Programs, Educational Issues Department, American Federation of Teachers


Michael Petrilli
Executive Vice President, Thomas B. Fordham Institute