Does three times four equal eleven? Will “fuzzy math” leave our students two years behind other countries? Will literature vanish from the English class? Is gifted-and-talented education dying? A barrel of rumors and myths about curriculum has made its way into discussions of the Common Core State Standards for math and English language arts. Experts will tackle these fears and claims at Fordham on October 23, 2013. Hear from Jason Zimba on math myths, Tim Shanahan on the texts that teachers may assign, and a panel of practicing K–12 educators for an early look at Common Core implementation in their states and districts.
Tentative schedule:
1:00     Common Core math myths: A conversation with Jason Zimba
2:00     Are teachers assigning Common Core aligned texts? A conversation with Tim Shanahan
3:00     An early look at Common Core implementation: A panel discussion

Moderated by Michael Petrilli


Jason Zimba
Co-founder, Student Achievement Partners
Tim Shanahan
Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Chicago
Corrine Colgan
Deputy Chief of Literacy and Humanities, D.C. Public Schools
Suzanne Culbreth
Teacher, Spain Park High School, Alabama
Fatonia Shank
Teacher, Liberty Park Elementary, Indiana
Lane Walker
Teacher, Francis Howell High School, Missouri
Cicely Woodard
Teacher, Rose Park Math and Science Middle School, Tennessee


Michael Petrilli
Executive Vice President, Thomas B. Fordham Institute