Creating smart, coherent education policy is painstaking work; there are technical, budgetary, and political challenges at almost every turn. But it is some of the most important work that state leaders can undertake.

As Ohioans prepared to elect a new governor in late 2018, we at the Fordham Institute began rolling out a set of policy proposals that we believe can lead to increased achievement and greater opportunity for Ohio students.

With that election done and Governor Mike DeWine’s administration well underway, we are proud to present our full roster of policy proposals for your consideration.

These proposals aim to ensure that Ohio can thrive well into the future in a global economy where knowledge, talent, and technical skills are at a premium. Ohio has a long proud history as one of the nation's engines of growth, but today faces challenges such as a large "talent gap." To better understand this gap, only 43 percent of working age Ohioans have postsecondary certifications today. By 2025, it is estimated that 64 percent of in-demand jobs will require such credentials. A strong K-12 education system is a key to closing this enormous gap.

We believe that if Ohio policy leaders adopt and implement the education policy proposals outlined here, more Ohio students will be on a surer track for success in school--and in life.

You can download the full document here or you can dig into each individual proposal here.

Policy Priority: