1. The b-side of a higher-profile Dispatch editorial from earlier this week opines on the topic of transportation for charter school students in central Ohio. This is in light of complaints in a piece paper earlier in the week indicating that charter school students were being ill-served by the district in charge of their school bus access. (Columbus Dispatch, 9/5/18) Speaking of the universality of school choice across Ohio, let’s talk football! For the first time ever, two charter schools sponsored by Fordham will meet each other on the gridiron tonight! Congratulations to both teams! (Max Preps, 9/7/18). Regardless of who wins down in Sciotoville tonight, I think that the COF team—a new non-public, non-tax supported “08 school” which we’ve discussed here previously—would happily take on both teams simultaneously. (Columbus Dispatch, 9/6/18)
  2. A pretty wide ranging group of leaders in Stark County—education, business, medical—got together for a forum this week, talking about the gap between jobs and education in the area. It is an interesting two-way street described here: more jobs beget a more educated populace and vice versa. Where does it start, though? (Canton Repository, 9/6/18) Editors at the Rep opined on the forum and its messages today. (Canton Repository, 9/7/18) Those same editors opined on Mike DeWine’s proposed education plan, released yesterday, and the putative plans of Richard Cordray. Both are running to be the next governor of Ohio, of course. You can read about DeWine’s education plan here, if you are so inclined. (WOSU-FM, Columbus, 9/7/18)
  3. Let’s take a quick lunch break before the end of today’s clips. The inner workings of the school lunch program in South-Western City Schools are pretty interesting – technology, hardware, meal choices, and funding are all covered here. (ThisWeek News, 9/4/18)
  4. Refreshed from our Bosco sticks and mixed vegetables, we take a look at what is termed a “turnaround strategy” at Dayton’s Belmont High School under its brand new principal. It involves bullhorns and dress codes based on academic standing and some enumerated “high” expectations that made me go to look up the meaning of that word. But everyone interviewed for this piece says it’s working so far—and heaven knows that Dayton City Schools in general and Belmont High School as one specific example—so who am I to cast aspersions? (Dayton Daily News, 9/4/18)
  5. Finally today—and speaking of confusing definitions of “high”—there are still folks who believe that the state’s more rigorous graduation requirements are too darn high. Last year’s “temporary” non-academic diploma pathways have been allowed to expire and the legislature has as yet taken no action regarding any extension of those pathways. But at least one member of the state board of education is interested in doing whatever she can to lower the requirements as far as the board has authority to go. Yay. (Gongwer Ohio, 9/6/18)

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Jeff Murray is a lifelong resident of central Ohio. He previously worked at School Choice Ohio and the Greater Columbus Arts Council. He has two degrees from the Ohio State University. He lives in the Clintonville neighborhood with his wife and twin daughters. He is proud every day to support the Fordham mission to help make excellent education options more numerous and more readily available for families and…

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