Ohio Operations Manager

Jeff Murray comes to the Thomas B. Fordham Institute from a five-year stint at School Choice Ohio. At SCO, Jeff was involved with getting the word out to parents around the state about school voucher availability - directing postcard campaigns, call centers, and advertising campaigns over the last few years. Tens of thousands of parents across Ohio received the news that they had choices for their children's education - choices they did not even know existed - through these efforts. Jeff also managed general operations at SCO, at various times overseeing grants, development, reporting, HR, and administration.

In a previous life, Jeff worked for nearly ten years at the Greater Columbus Arts Council, administering the long-running Artists-in-Schools Program and an after-school program called Children of the Future. These programs touched the lives of thousands of children throughout central Ohio. It was this fusion of arts and education - combining the disparate elements of his experience and education - that drew him to GCAC and showed him that the education arena was an area to which he could contribute significantly. He further served the organization in the Finance Department prior to his departure. Jeff is a lifelong resident of central Ohio and has two degrees from The Ohio State University. He lives in the Clintonville neighborhood with his wife and twin daughters. School choice as a movement was a new idea to him when Jeff began at SCO but he quickly learned that the choices his parents made for him and his siblings and that he made for his own children are aspects of educational choice. He is proud to be a part of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute and to help bring success to its charge that excellent choices be the default options for all families in Ohio.