1. The Plain Dealer was quick out of the gate with coverage of Ohio’s NAEP data, including a quote or two from Fordham’s Chad Aldis putting the new numbers into perspective. (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 4/10/18)
  2. Public broadcaster KCPT-TV in Kansas City is interested in the topic of charter schools. It seems that they either know (or simply suspect) that either Kansas or Missouri (or both) will go the way of increasing charters in the state(s). And they want to know (or fear they already know) what this means. They have chosen Ohio as the target of their research and specifically they have Columbus as an analog to KC. The methodology by which they made this choice is explained here, and includes a link to a 2015 Fordham report. (KCPT-TV, Kansas City, 4/9/18) The findings are surprisingly in-depth, insightful, and lacking the usual preconceived notions. Worth a look to see how Ohio’s charter school world to which we are wholly accustomed—and accustomed to defending—is viewed by outsiders at ground level. (KCPT-TV, Kansas City, 4/9/18)
  3. Speaking of charter schools, the Dispatch today ran a guest commentary opining in favor of online charter schools. Nice. (Columbus Dispatch, 4/11/18)
  4. As has been mentioned previously, testing time is in the AIR in Ohio (see what I did there?). For some reason, Youngstown City Schools brought in U.S. Representative Tim Ryan to talk to kids ahead of the test. With friends like these…. But, just so this piece isn’t a total loss, do take a moment to compare Hizzoner’s comments with those of district CEO Krish Mohip. See if you can spot a tonal variation. (Youngstown Vindicator, 4/10/18) Speaking of Youngstown, seems like Sheriff Mohip is losing his trusted deputy. Chief Academic Officer Tyrone Olverson has accepted the interim superintendent position in Trotwood Schools and will be leaving Youngstown effective Friday. (Dayton Daily News, 4/10/18) Olverson is clearly not heading off for a cushy gig—the DDN is quick to remind us that Trotwood is currently the lowest-performing district in the state and is next on the list for an Academic Distress Commission should this year’s AIR test administration turn out badly.
  5. Speaking of school districts operating under the aegis of an Academic Distress Commission, Lorain City Schools board member Yvonne Johnson—you’ll remember her, surely—is quoted in this piece speaking eminently sensibly to her fellow board members. See today’s headline quote for one example. I, personally, am not sure they heard her. (Northern Ohio Morning Journal, 4/9/18)
  6. This weeks’ state board of education meeting must have been pretty tame as there was very little reporting on it from the usual suspects. The most important thing, it seems, was a discussion of the report card components for career tech schools and whether they report fairly the value of the school to student achievement. If there’s a problem, I’m sure someone will take it into the shop, tinker under the hood, and get it humming along properly (see what I did there?). (Gongwer Ohio, 4/9/18) Perhaps. Or it could be just as likely that all current aspects of school report cards will be swept out the door instead. (Gongwer Ohio, 4/10/18)

Jeff Murray comes to the Thomas B. Fordham Institute from a five-year stint at School Choice Ohio. At SCO, Jeff was involved with getting the word out to parents around the state about school voucher availability - directing postcard campaigns, call centers, and advertising campaigns over the last few years. Tens of thousands of parents across Ohio received the news…

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