Compiler’s note: The hellacious weather around here has destroyed my productivity this week so today you lucky lucky subscribers (I love all five of you—truly) will get to see behind the scenes of what I laughingly call my “process”. Below is simply the list of clips I’ve got for you today, with a couple of words to denote why it’s interesting/important/worth clipping. This is what the first stage of the thrice-weekly clips process looks like. After that, I cleverly weave a narrative that tries to link all the disparate pieces into the “story of the day”.

There’s no time to be clever today. Onward!

  1. Chad is quoted on charter facilities funding push. Link (WCBE-FM, Columbus, 2/1/19)
  2. New boss at independent STEM School; possibly on the grow. Link (Ironton Tribune, 1/30/19)
  3. Multiple weather closures lead to “E-days” at some Ohio schools. Link (Dayton Daily News, 2/1/19)
  4. Good news story about bilingual charter school. Link (Toledo Blade, 1/31/19)
  5. West Carrollton district to close elementary; way undersubscribed. Link (Dayton Daily News, 1/30/19)
  6. List of East Cleveland ADC/CEO candidates; includes current supe. Link (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 1/31/19)
  7. PBIS @ EHOVE = AOK. Link (Norwalk Reflector, 1/30/19)
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