1. Fordham’s own Aaron Churchill had an op-ed in the Beacon-Journal over the weekend. What’s he talking about? Oh nothing much, really. Only about the large-scale failure of many Ohio schools to properly educate their students for future success, and how much worse that’s going to get if Ohio sticks with its plan to make diplomas into participation awards without any relevance to academic ability. (Akron Beacon Journal, 12/1/18)
  2. An interesting piece in the Toledo Blade this weekend goes from the premise that students in district schools appear to be doing “just as well” as students in local charter schools. Data is provided. This is a subtly different take on the topic of comparing schools than you normally see in the big city news outlets in Ohio (although the usual kudos for Toledo School of the Arts apply here of course). That subtlety was not lost on Toledo City Schools superintendent Romules Durant, and he responded to it as you might expect. Fascinating. (Toledo Blade, 12/1/18)
  3. Speaking of charter schools, the Communities in Schools program here in central Ohio, which provides support services for students with everything from food insecurity to college application completion, also serves kids in the Graham Family of charter schools. And the program is looking to grow further. Nice. (Columbus Dispatch, 12/2/18)
  4. Finally today, tiny Jefferson Township Local Schools continues to suffer from staffing woes months into the school year. While the main issue is ultimately painted as a shortage of substitutes (or, should I say, a shortage of cash to pay highly enough to lure subs away from the tonier Dayton ‘burbs), I personally was struck by the supe’s first comment: “If every (staffer) reports every day, we’re in pretty good shape.” Step One… (Dayton Daily News, 12/2/18)

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