1. Slim pickings for clips today. But at least one of them involves Fordham, so score! That is an op-ed written by Fordham President Mike Petrilli, which appeared in the Dispatch yesterday. What’s he on about? The timely topic of grade inflation and its long term consequences for students. (Columbus Dispatch, 10/4/18)
  2. Did you know that Ohio has a goal of having 65% of working-age adults with a degree or credential attainment? The deadline for achieving this goal is 2025, which means that focus must be on both K-12 and on adult education efforts. The latter got a boost this week with the announcement of a $2.1 million grant from the Gates Foundation to four Ohio-based entities already working together to achieve the goal. These include the state’s community colleges and four-year institutions. Efforts include clearly structuring courses of study for all majors, aligning "gateway" math and English courses to majors, implementing corequisite remediation programs at scale, and targeting efforts at poor students, students of color, and first-generation postsecondary enrollees. Nice! (Gongwer Ohio, 10/4/18)
  3. And just to show my loyal Gadfly Bites subscribers (all six of you!) how far I am willing to go to bring you relevant, up-to-the-minute clips wherever they occur, here is a piece from VegNews posted this very morning. Dateline: Cleveland. The story: Students at Beachwood High School will next week be attempting to break the world record for the longest sandwich line. If they do, the vegan sunflower-butter/grape jelly monstrosity will be over 13,300 feet long. The sandwiches created will go to non-profit organizations in Northeast Ohio to feed those in need. (VegNews, 10/5/18)

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