1. Editors in Columbus opined this morning in favor of accountability…in Columbus City Schools’ internal workings at least. (Columbus Dispatch, 4/1/19)
  2. Speaking of Columbus City Schools, there is a weird anti-charter school flex at the end of this otherwise excellent piece looking at the rocky road to desegregation in the district through the eyes of a group of retired teachers of color. It seems nonsensical to me, once again trotting out the canard that somehow a school whose attendance is 100 percent choice can be equated to old-school “segregation”. Not a good look, guys. (Columbus Dispatch, 4/1/19) Here is the antidote to the foregoing piece from the D, looking at the efforts of Erie, Pennsylvania, schools to increase the diversity of their teaching corps for the betterment of students. Recent recruits include a former charter school teacher from Columbus, Ohio. I wonder if she might have a thing or two to say about charters, choice, and racial balance in the Cbus? (GoErie.com, 3/31/19)
  3. Finally today, I don’t usually clip stories accusing malfeasance, but this is too good to pass up, if only because it sounds like a plot line from my current sitcom fave A.P. Bio. (Toledo Blade, 3/29/19)

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