This week's edition opens with a timely look at Senate Bill 180 - a pending piece of legislation that would make Ohio more competitive for Race to the Top dollars (you'll definitely want to check out Terry's testimony, as well as testimony from two dynamic Teach For America alums who spoke about their maddening experience to try to get certified in Ohio).

??Terry Ryan testimony in support of Ohio SB 180

John Dues and Abbey Kinson testimony in support of Ohio SB 180

Next in the lineup, Mike highlights the grave funding cuts to Ohio's early college academy high schools and their decision to form a lobbying group to stay afloat. Eric discusses the performance gap between Ohio NAEP math scores and the state test results; this disconnect, though not unique to Ohio, should inform lawmakers and education officials who may be plowing forward in drafting Ohio's academic standards and possibly reneging on their commitment to the Common Core Initiative.

Also check out an interesting piece on STEM education, Flypaper's Finest, Kalli's review on achievement gaps and another on district portfolio management. Finally, for anyone tired of Ohio weather already, there's a cool job in New Orleans.