Columbus Dispatch Editorial: Charter schools deserve fair rules for bus rides

The Columbus Dispatch editorialized this week on the transportation challenges facing charter schools. The editorial explains that charter schools and their families have been complaining of unreliable bus service from school districts for years and that a recent conflict between Columbus City Schools and local charter schools suggests that state officials need to address this persistent problem. The Dispatch also recognizes that all schoolchildren, whether attending a district or charter school, should receive the transportation that their parents’ tax dollars pay for.

A response to the popular question: “Do charter schools take districts’ money?”

James V. Shuls, an assistant professor of educational leadership and policy studies at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, wrote an op-ed in The 74. Shuls argues that you can believe charter schools take districts’ money away only if you think students, and the funding that comes with them, are district property.

Charter schools and unified enrollment systems

In recent years, unified student enrollment systems have become increasingly popular. Unified enrollment allows students to fill out one application, rank their top school choices (often including both district and charter schools), and gain admittance to their highest ranked available school. The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools has released a new report exploring the pros and cons of unified enrollment and providing an overview of how these systems have been designed and implemented in six public school districts across the country.

School discipline resource for charter schools

Many schools are working to make school discipline practices more equitable, trauma-sensitive, and effective. A new program called Think:Kids focuses on charter schools in particular. The program is helping charters transform their disciplinary programs to be evidence-based and trauma-sensitive using Collaborative Problem Solving, an approach that helps at-risk children build critical skills like flexibility and problem solving that can improve discipline.

Upcoming events

Upcoming events for the next few months include: The School Performance Institute’s upcoming workshop (September 13, Columbus), Education Next’s 2018 Poll Event (September 14, Washington, D.C.), the 2018 NACSA Leadership Conference (October 22-25, Orlando) the 2018 National Dropout Prevention Network Conference (October 28-31, Columbus) the Ohio School Improvement Institute (November 15-16, Columbus), and the 2018 National Summit on Education Reform (December 5-7, Washington, D.C.).

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