Are schools asking teachers to be superheros?

Eva Moskowitz recently argued that until we address the fundamental flaws in how we treat our educators, it will be difficult to make headway in improving outcomes for students on a broad scale. Moskowitz, leader of the high achieving Success Academy Charter School network, explains that we’re asking too much of our teachers. Her network and a number of others have moved toward a dramatically different approach to preparing, equipping, and supporting teachers. 

Ohio charter school shares about facility challenges

The student population at Albert Einstein Academies of Ohio (AEA), a charter public school serving students in the Cleveland area, has grown significantly since it opened in 2012. This has brought significant challenges. Rebecca Woodson, the director of admissions and recruitment at the school, recently wrote about the financial and environmental hurdles that she and other charters face and explained her school’s process for planning to add a new campus. 

NCSRC resource round-up

The National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC) just released a resource round-up, which highlights some of their top resources from past years and new resources to start the school year strong. These diverse, high-quality resources range from multimedia case studies featuring innovative charter schools across the U.S. to research reports and hands-on toolkits. 

New Idaho charter school targets at-risk teens

Imagine a high school that not only graduates at-risk students, but also teaches them a skill so they’re immediately employable upon graduation. That’s the kind of school that’s coming to Caldwell, Idaho in the fall of 2019, and it’s the first-of-its-kind in the state. Elevate Academy will be a career-technical charter school for middle and high school students. Its mission is to bridge the gap between education and the workforce and connect learning to the local job market. You can learn more about the school here

Upcoming events

Here’s a look at some upcoming events: The 2018 National Dropout Prevention Network Conference (October 28-31, Columbus), the Ohio School Improvement Institute (November 15-16, Columbus), the 2018 National Summit on Education Reform (December 5-7, Washington, D.C.), and the 2019 Ohio Educational Technology Conference (February 12-14, Columbus).

Policy Priority:

Chad Aldis is the Thomas B. Fordham Institute’s Vice President for Ohio Policy and Advocacy. In this role, Chad plans and leads Fordham’s Ohio policy, advocacy, and research agenda . He represents the Institute in its work with the media, state and local policy makers, other education reform groups, and the public.

Chad has a strong background in Ohio education policy work having previously served as the…

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Madison Yoder is the communications and policy associate for the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. Prior to joining Fordham, she served as the communications specialist for an Ohio coalition dedicated to supporting high standards for all Ohio students, regardless of zip codes.

Madison is from a small town in central Ohio and graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor of arts in English and a minor in Environmental…

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