1. Quick show of hands: How many of you are as tired of talking about graduation requirements as I am? Luckily for Ohio’s students, Chad’s hand is placed firmly on the table. He is quoted here on the topic of keeping strong graduation requirements in place in Ohio. He is literally the only one. Again. What on earth is happening here? (Dayton Daily News, 9/20/18)
  2. Folks in Dayton—schools, businesses, the city—are said here to be in “lockstep” in their desire to raise Dayton City Schools from the achievement basement. There are not a lot of details here yet, but Godspeed, y’all. (Dayton Daily News, 9/20/18)
  3. There was a lot going on at the State Auditor’s office this week, it seems. If this piece is accurate, the auditor’s presentation on the history (and potential future) of his Ohio Performance Team was part nag, part brag, and part theater. I love it! What I don’t love is the possibility that 93 percent of school districts might be spending more than they take in within the next five years. (Gongwer Ohio, 9/19/18)
  4. The new Columbus City Schools supe—unanimously chosen by the board yesterday—is a familiar face. Kudos to Dr. Talisa Dixon. (Columbus Dispatch, 9/20/18) She will be stepping onto a fast-moving treadmill here, of course. Case in point: the topic of school closures remains a hot one. More public meetings have been scheduled to broaden the discussion, but all of those will be concluded long before Dr. Dixon takes the reins. Maybe the whole thing will be sorted out beforehand. (Columbus Dispatch, 9/20/18) Here’s another thing that, hopefully, will be sorted out before the new supe gets here: transportation challenges for charter school families in Columbus. Again. Weeks after school started. Again. (WSYX-TV, Columbus, 9/20/18)
  5. The first meeting of the new school year for the Community Business Schools Partnership group in Lorain was held this week. The comments were enlightening, including the view of several students that the good stuff going on in their district far outweighs any bad stuff there might be as well as the view of a number of adults that not enough was being done to communicate that good stuff outward. Can’t wait to see where all this positivity leads. (Northern Ohio Morning Journal, 9/19/18)
  6. Finally this week: Frack yeah! Here is an appreciation of the Utica Shale Academy charter school in Salineville, Ohio as it celebrates the start of its fifth year of equipping high schoolers with the requisite science and math knowledge and everything else needed for productive careers in the shale gas industry. (Farm and Dairy, 9/20/18) And not to leave teachers out of the slurry mix, here is a nice look at summer PD programs held across the state by the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program to showcase new hands-on teaching methods in general STEM education or in the specific area of geology. It rocks! (Richland Source, 9/20/18)

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Jeff Murray is a lifelong resident of central Ohio. He previously worked at School Choice Ohio and the Greater Columbus Arts Council. He has two degrees from the Ohio State University. He lives in the Clintonville neighborhood with his wife and twin daughters. He is proud every day to support the Fordham mission to help make excellent education options more numerous and more readily available for families and…

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