1. As you may have seen in media outlets both social and not, Monday’s opening of the I Promise School in Akron was quite the event. Here’s a sample of some coverage from the hometown paper but there’s plenty more where that came from should you want it. Hopefully the documentary camera crew was there on Day Two, because it seems no other media outlet (social or otherwise) was present. (Akron Beacon Journal, 7/30/18)
  2. Yesterday, however, editors in Canton did opine on the golden opportunity presented by both Akron’s I Promise and Canton’s own AIM Academy, both on Day Two of operation. Yes, they mean an opportunity for students to succeed. (Canton Repository, 7/31/18)
  3. Not to be outdone by the NBA, the NFL’s Cleveland Browns this week announced a new effort to assist students in Lorain City Schools who may have trouble affording uniforms. The support this year will allow for deeply discounted “Titan Pride Packages” of clothing. The goal is to eventually raise enough support to provide those packages free of charge to every Lorain student. (Northern Ohio Morning Journal, 7/31/18) The Browns’ purchasing office might want to hold off on that initial order for a couple of days though. Why? Because despite what the above piece says, Lorain doesn’t require “uniforms” for its students per se. What they do have is a detailed dress code, which seems to be in a bit of flux since its latest iteration was met with parental blowback upon its rollout last week. It is in the process of being tweaked this week based upon said blowback. (Elyria Chronicle, 7/31/18)
  4. Also not to be outdone, Cincinnati got some national attention this week. Specifically, the city’s Preschool Promise program is featured as part of The 74’s “heroes, victories, success stories, and random acts of kindness” series. (The 74 Million, 7/31/18)
  5. Finally today, a non-agenda item from Monday’s Dayton City Schools board meeting garnered some attention at the DDN. To wit: district supe Elizabeth Lolli gave a tiny warning to board members that preliminary test scores for the district, which are not final and are only part of the district’s overall report card, are not awesome. In fact, they are well down on the previous year’s scores and will likely stay that way even after adjustment. The Dayton Daily News got to work checking out what a poor report card may mean for the district’s three-year track record in regard to a possible academic distress designation in the future. But first everyone must agree on when the clock started on that three-year record. (Dayton Daily News, 7/31/18)

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