1. From the What Did You Expect Department: A huge number of people turned out for a hiring event looking for bus drivers in Dayton City Schools. Anyone who’s been paying attention around there about the money flowing to school transportation will probably fail to be surprised. (WHIO-TV, Dayton, 7/1/19)
  2. Some folks are making a big deal over an award given to Fairview Park City Schools, an exurban district (median home price $175,500…just sayin’) not far from Cleveland. It is an award for innovation bestowed by the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) at their recent Model Schools Conference in D.C. According to the news coverage here, ICLE recognizes schools for “change, collectively establishing a vision, and systematically working together to create a learning environment that enables students of all abilities to thrive.” Sounds OK, I guess, but there’s not much meat to that description. And what to make of Fairview Park’s most recent report card in which the district received a C in Achievement, a D in Progress, and a C overall? How does THAT merit an award? When we take a closer look, the answer becomes clear. The criteria for the award are “credible supporting data, passion, student focus, future forward, supportive culture, communication, public relations and branding.” Literally nothing about student achievement or academic growth. Not even the gimme of graduation rate. Passion? Branding? PR? With criteria like that, they should give the award to Chili’s baby back ribs. (Cleveland.com, 7/1/19) And just in case you can stand more of the educational preciousness of this modern day Mayberry, here’s a look at what the district’s support foundation is spending money on this round (one of two rounds each year): Lots of STEM and coding toys, but I am intrigued by the Conflict Resolution Time Machine Mats. Sounds like the planet of the Bougie Time Lords to me. (Cleveland.com, 7/3/19)
  3. Finally today, we catch up with a story previously discussed back in the spring. The petition by a group of families in Jefferson Township Schools to have their property rezoned to adjacent Valley View Schools was denied by the state board of education. An appeals court ruling this week overruled the state board, charging that members were focused on the wrong things (such as race and money) in their deliberation and decision. The state board has the right to appeal the latest ruling. I hope they don’t. (Dayton Daily News, 7/2/19)

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