1. Editors in Columbus opined today in favor of a new graduation requirements proposal in the creation of which the Fordham Institute played a part. (Columbus Dispatch, 6/17/19)
  2. The “absorption” of charter schools by districts kind of came out of nowhere, but the trend looks to be continuing. This time, a dropout recovery charter school formerly sponsored by Cincinnati City Schools (dropped when the district lost its ability to sponsor charters) looks set to return to the fold. And it’s all about money. Again. (WVXU-FM, Cincinnati, 6/17/19)
  3. Thank goodness no districts have tried to “absorb” the state’s independent STEM schools…yet. Otherwise we probably wouldn’t get cool things like this: a hot-sounding partnership between Dayton Regional STEM School and the U.S. Air Force’s Gaming Research Integration for Learning Laboratory. (For those of you who love military acronyms, that’s the GRILL.) This new combo is part of a 30,000 square foot expansion for the school and includes five classrooms, a science laboratory, and an assembly space that will allow for “a full-fledged gaming, modeling and simulation-based research and development effort”. Oh, and a 20% increase in student capacity for the school. (Air Force Materiel Command, 6/17/19)
  4. Meanwhile, here’s what counts as innovation in big school districts in Ohio (let’s see if I can fully capture the article’s points): voluntary, non-tested, ungraded “standards” around social-emotional learning which were touted as “just as important” as testing in the state’s strategic plan but now are not. And it involves loud music, high fives from adults, and a walk outside to determine which kids are “sullen” and which are missing coats. And hugs. Oh, and breakfast. That’s got it. We have come very far from the initial breathless reports of academic improvement at the I Promise School mere weeks ago, haven’t we? (Akron Beacon Journal, 6/15/19)
  5. Finally today, Hurricane Bertram blew through the pages of the Vindy this weekend as the outlet’s resident curmudgeon opined on outgoing district CEO Krish Mohip’s recent testimony before the Senate Education Committee. No words were minced in either item. (Youngstown Vindicator, 6/16/19)

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