1. This story sounds a lot like a turnaround strategy tied to testing. You know: the kind of thing where a new leader looks at data showing what hasn’t been working for kids for a while and stops it. Then researches a new and better way to achieve that goal – one with a good track record of success – and then implements it. And then plans to use test data to make sure it’s working. Hope nobody sues! (Marion Star, 6/10/19)
  2. Speaking of legal actions, the former sponsor of ECOT is being lauded for “taking the high road” and settling with the state to give back a large sum of money. In lieu of other legal actions, I mean. (Columbus Dispatch, 6/12/19)
  3. The state board of education yesterday voted to approve a set of standards around social-emotional learning. The discussion was interesting, and a bit weird. What else could you ask for? (Dayton Daily News, 6/11/19)

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