1. It may be a new week, but it’s the same old news to be had it seems. The Dayton Daily News has a piece on state graduation requirements. Specifically, those put forward last week by a coalition of groups of which Fordham is a part, as compared to those put forward by the state board of education and championed by the state supe. (Dayton Daily News, 5/19/19)
  2. Speaking of the state board of education and old news, I think those guys were using Mr. Peabody’s WABAC Machine last week—warping back to 2015 and taking a stand against HB 70 (that is, the bill from two General Assemblies ago that created the current academic distress commission paradigm). It is interesting to note that the resolution that members approved did not seem to take a stand on which of the 237 current proposed “fixes” to the ADC paradigm they would actually prefer. Wonder why that is? (Gongwer Ohio, 5/17/19) Editors in Youngstown had their eyes on the past as well, noting in this powerful opinion piece (which is firmly in support of the state’s academic distress paradigm) all of the times that the elected board of Youngstown City Schools failed the community and its children and families. That failure is still ongoing, they opine, and urge the incoming CEO to ignore them entirely. That’s new. (Youngstown Vindicator, 5/19/19)
  3. Last week, I told you about the City Connects student support program at Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School in Dayton and how a group of state leaders led by the Lieutenant Governor was going to visit CJ to learn more about it. Here is coverage of that event wherein, surprise surprise, such support programs are credited with uncountable academic miracles. (Dayton Daily News, 5/17/19)
  4. The Plain Dealer’s Patrick O’Donnell has been on the Grand Tour of Western Europe in recent weeks (Dateline Rotterdam!), learning about education pathways in several countries which utilize apprenticeships and concurrent school/work training to help young people find jobs even before they have completed their formal education. It is all shaded pretty rosily, especially as compared to similar American efforts, but I was left wondering why the German gearbox manufacturer still says she struggles to find qualified workers with all of this built-in pipeline from school to work? I probably just misunderstood something. (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 5/19/19)
  5. Now THIS I do understand: Toledo City Schools is using a fancy gee-whizeroo air show, complete with airplane rides, to recruit students to their new aviation-based high school academy. Clever. (Toledo Blade, 5/19/19)

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