Today’s clips are a mix of bizarreness and absurdity that I’d like to call “bizzurdity”. I’m sure it will stick. Read on to see what I’m talking about.

  1. A 2016 Fordham report on charter schools is linked and quoted here, and quotes from a new interview with Aaron are also included in this piece looking at some pending legislation intended to end the so-called advantage that charter schools have with regard to purchasing mothballed school facilities. While I might hesitate to call a long overdue right of first refusal an “advantage” that charter schools have—especially when we have seen some well-executed end runs by districts over the years—if this is one, it’s the only one. (The Ohio Star, 5/10/19)
  2. Speaking of advantage, can you stand some more news about the “absorption”/ “partnership” / “collaboration” of the only Spanish language (charter) school in Toledo and Toledo City Schools? I’m not sure I can, but we get some more details from the city’s Latino news outlet here anyway. Literally none of it makes any sense as written. And none of those words used above is accurate in regard to the situation, even if they have been accurately quoted by reporters from the interview subjects. If there has ever been a more ironic use of the term “win-win”, I am unaware of it. La casa siempre gana. (La Prensa Toledo, 5/1/19)
  3. Youngstown CEO Krish Mohip has gone on family medical leave, effective immediately, and will likely not return before the end of his contract in July. Apparently this announcement came with some encouraging data on academic progress made in the district during Mohip’s tenure. Those data are shorthanded here. (WFMJ-TV, Youngstown, 5/8/19) The Vindy did not include those data in their piece, opting instead for quotes from the school board president and the ADC chairman re: process. Gotta love the process, right? (Youngstown Vindicator, 5/9/19) Meanwhile, new Youngstown CEO Justin Jennings stopped by the Vindy’s office for a sitdown yesterday. He told a little of his education background, gave some hints as to his plans for Youngstown, and said he’s raring to go. But alas, process dictates that he doesn’t officially start until August 1. (Youngstown Vindicator, 5/10/19) But maybe none of this bizzurdity will matter. (You see? Catchy). The state budget bill passed the House of Representatives yesterday and included language which would end the ADC paradigm if enacted. You know what I’m talking about. (Elyria Chronicle, 5/10/19)
  4. The only unequivocal good news I found for today’s clips comes to us all the way from Ironton. Anything that has to do with Ohio’s awesome independent STEM schools always catches my attention, of course, but while a visit from Lt. Governor Husted to the STEM+M Early College High School is what makes news, it was the quotes from student Bella Schraeder that were the real highlight: “I know 100 percent that this is where I want to go,” she said, stating she had been in both a private school and a traditional public school before. “This has challenged me the most, and it has made learning so much easier.” Indeed. Have a great summer at Yale, Bella! (Ironton Tribune, 5/9/19)
  5. But perhaps none of the foregoing news about education – good or bad – really matters. Because according to this piece of prime bizzurdity (super appropriate usage here) from the inner workings of the state’s education monolith, once Ohio’s new strategic plan for education gets moving, we’re all going to get Shawshanked. Seriously, who thought a prison was a proper inspiration for teachers? (Richland Source, 5/8/19)

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