1. The Path Forward series in Dayton started in a new direction (but still forward of course!) on Sunday when a lengthy interview with Dayton City Schools superintendent Elizabeth Lolli was published. As has been noted previously, the supe has a multi-point plan in various stages of development and implementation to, hopefully, improve the district’s report card for the 2018-19 school year. The stated goal is, of course, to “avoid state takeover”. I, as you might guess, would rather focus on improving academics for the benefit of students. Or even just “doing the job you’re supposed to do”. However you couch it, I personally remain skeptical that this plan can achieve the goals to the level needed. The Path Forward series now promises to look in depth at each of the areas Lolli’s plan is supposed to address, with the first being improvements to teaching quality, a big chunk of which is also contained in this piece. Perhaps once you read it you will share my skepticism. (Dayton Daily News, 9/30/18)
  2. “Every school has areas for improvement and we’re no different. … But we wouldn’t be continuing to add students and graduate larger classes if we weren’t making a difference in students’ lives.” Ohio’s newest online school is open and growing like crazy. (Dayton Daily News, 9/30/18)
  3. Finally today, a tale of two non-public, non-tax supported schools. It seems to be the best of times for Heritage Classical Academy in Northeast Ohio. Enrollment is up and the school has new digs in a former district school building the town of Peninsula. (MyTownNEO, 10/1/18) But it seems that the worst of times for Christians of Faith Academy, about whom we have spoken a fair bit here, just keep getting worse. Note: this is a revision of the same story we clipped last week but with lots more dirt. (ThisWeek News, 9/28/18)

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