Tip 1: Use Quotations

When you search without quotations, our search engine will return results that include either word. For example, if you search for Charter Schools without quotations, you will receive results of entries that include either the word "Charter" or the word "Schools." However, if you use quotations and search for "Charter Schools" the search will only return results that include the entire phrase "Charter Schools."

Tip 2: Try the Author Search

Are you looking for entries made by a specific author? As explained in Tip #1, you will probably experience frustration if you simply search for the author's name. To find entries by a specific author, please start off by opening our advanced search page. From there, find the Author input text box and type in the author's name before executing the search. You can also combine the author search with available filtering options if you wish to narrow down the results. If the author exists, the search will return articles by that author only, accompanied by a mini biography of the author.

Tip 3: Advanced Search Options

Do you know exactly what you are looking for but cannot find it? You may want to try the advanced search filtering options. If you are pretty sure you know when the entry was published, you can use the date range filters to help you narrow down your results. You do not have to use both filters—you can use either the Date From or the Date To filter if that is all you need. Should you be familiar with the topic or type of content you are looking for, you may want to try the Content Type or Issue / Topic filter.