2900 Inspire Drive
Columbus, OH 43224
United States

Dustin Wood, Director of Operations

KIPP Columbus was founded in 2008 with only 50 students in the 5th grade, and has grown to serve over 1,100 students in grades K–10. KIPP is dedicated to raising expectations of public education in underserved communities through cultivating high-performing education leaders and a commitment to continue growing in an effort to serve more students in Columbus.

Mission: KIPP Columbus will create a system of schools where students develop the intellectual, academic, and social skills needed to understand and take action on issues they encounter in everyday life. By establishing a rigorous, safe, and personalized learning environment, KIPP Columbus will foster a culture of responsibility and service and empower all students to become active and engaged citizens.

Sponsorship Contract
First Contract Amendment 7-10-17
Second Contract Amendment 5-13-19
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For an in-depth look at KIPP Columbus' performance in the 2017-18 school year, please view the relevant pages of Fordham's Sponsorship Annual Report.

2017-18 Local Report Card
2017-18 Audit Report
2018-19 Annual Report