1416 W. Riverview Avenue
Dayton, OH 45402
United States

Tess Mitcher-Asinjo, Principal

Dayton Leadership Academies - Dayton View Campus prepares K–8th grade students in the Dayton area for selective high schools and beyond by providing a rigorous curriculum aligned to the standards, data-driven instruction and targeted intervention, social emotional learning, and a school culture of joy. Dayton Leadership Academies foster a school culture and climate through the following core values: We are safe, We are respectful, We are responsible, and We are positive leaders.

Mission: We challenge and nurture each child to perform at his or her highest ability in a school culture of pride and excellence.

Sponsorship Contract
First Contract Amendment 7-10-17
Second Contract Amendment 5-13-19
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For an in-depth look at Dayton View Campus' performance in the 2017-18 school year, please view the relevant pages of Fordham's Sponsorship Annual Report.

2017-18 Local Report Card

2016-17 Audit Report for DLA-Early Learning Academy
2016-17 Audit Report for DLA-Dayton View

2017-18 Annual Report for DLA-Dayton View