One of Ohio’s oldest public charter schools, Toledo School for the Arts (TSA) was forged from concerns about the state of arts education, especially performing arts and dance. For young people with a keen interest in the arts, any shortage of offerings limits opportunities and may lead to less engagement in school.

The latest entry in our Pathway to Success series shows how one specialized charter school has been able to tap into students’ interests, focusing and inspiring them to cultivate their talents. TSA, for instance, encourages freshman students to choose an art “major” to pursue. The twins featured in this profile are TSA graduates, one who carried her major in dance from Toledo to Wright State University and one whose major in writing led to pursuit of an English degree at the University of Toledo.

We urge you to read the profile and see their success for yourself. How many other young people would benefit from a high school education like the one provided at TSA?

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