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Educational choice is a strategy to provide children with opportunities to receive the education that works best for them. In recent years, private-school-choice programs have blossomed, doubling (since 2010) both the number of such initiatives and the number of children benefiting from them.

But how well designed are they when it comes to student eligibility, scholarship amounts and enrollment growth, and transparency and accountability? The American Federation for Children (AFC) and the AFC Growth Fund set out to answer those questions by analyzing and ranking all active general-education, private-school-choice programs in the country. Their report will reveal whether any private-school-choice program checks all the boxes—and which ones are falling short.  

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Michael Petrilli
President, Thomas B. Fordham Institute


   Whitney Marcavage
   Policy Director, American Federation for Children
   Robert Behning
   Indiana State Representative
   Max Eden
   Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute
   Derrell Bradford
   Executive Vice President, 50CAN 
   Executive Director, NYCAN