200 Homewood Avenue
Dayton, OH 45405
United States

Aileen Ernst, Principal

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DECA Prep was founded in 2012 and serves grades K–8 in the Dayton area. Its singular focus has been helping its youngest learners establish the core skills and habits of mind essential to achieve college success in their future.

Mission: To immerse prospective first-generation college students in a personalized, rigorous elementary curriculum to assure they will succeed in high school and college.

200 Homewood Ave
Dayton, OH 45405

Phone: (937) 610-0110

Contact: Aileen Ernst, Principal

Sponsorship Contract
First Contract Amendment 7-10-17
Second Contract Amendment 5-13-19
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For an in-depth look at DECA Prep's performance in the 2017-18 school year, please view the relevant pages of Fordham's Sponsorship Annual Report.

2017-18 Local Report Card
2016-17 Audit Report
2018-19 Annual Report

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DECA Middle

111 North Patterson Blvd
Dayton, OH 45402

Phone: (937) 528-6808

Contact: Charles Bull, Principal