Teacher preparation, evaluation, and the characteristics of effective teaching are at the center of contemporary education research and policymaking.

Yet teaching is not afforded the same status as other professions in terms of recognition, pay, and career-advancement opportunities. As a result, nearly half of all new teachers leave the profession by their fifth year, and our finest teachers are among those who exit our nation’s classrooms for good.

How do we improve the stature of teaching to attract and retain more great teachers? What would it take to professionalize teaching?

NNSTOY believes that five key structures—found in almost every other field—have the potential to transform teaching into a profession that fosters continuous improvement, high expectations, and shared accountability.

Please join a distinguished panel of educators and policymakers to examine the ideas presented in this paper and their potential impact on the teaching profession.

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Megan Allen
Florida State Teacher of the Year, 2010
Josh Parker
Maryland State Teacher of the Year, 2012
Christopher Poulos
Connecticut State Teacher of the Year, 2007


Chris Minnich
Executive Director, CCSSO
Michael Petrilli
Executive Vice President, Thomas B. Fordham Institute
Joanne Weiss
Former Chief of Staff for Arne Duncan and Education Advocate


Katherine Bassett
Executive Director, NNSTOY