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The Common Core is coming, with forty-five states and the District of Columbia challenged to implement these new standards. Yet mystery surrounds how much this will cost states (and districts)—and whether the payoff will justify the price.

On May 30, the Fordham Institute will peek behind that curtain with a lively panel discussion of "Pricing the Common Core." Taking part will be former Florida Education Commissioner Eric J. Smith, Achieve President Mike Cohen, former Department of Education official Ze'ev Wurman, and University of San Francisco professor Patrick J. Murphy, who will present the findings of a new Fordham study that he co-authored. It estimates the dollar cost of the implementation process for each participating state—and shows how the pricetag varies depending on the approach a state selects.

Ze'ev WurmanZe'ev Wurman, former senior policy adviser, Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development, U.S. Department of Education

Patrick J. Murphy, professor and chair, Department of Politics, University of San Francisco


 Michael Cohen, president, Achieve


Eric J. Smith, fellow in education policy, George W. Bush Institute and former commissioner, Florida Department of Education


Chester E. Finn, Jr., president, The Thomas B. Fordham Institute

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