What do we know about how information influences families' school choices? What new kinds of information are coming to help parents make more informed choices? Can we "crowd source" insights into schools to help parents find the right match? How do we reach the families who need the most support? How can we put more power into the hands of parents to define what quality is—and demand that their local schools provide that quality? Join GreatSchools CEO and founder Bill Jackson and a panelists of practitioners and funders from around the country to explore these and other questions at the heart of the quest to improve pK-12 education in America.

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Eventbrite - The Student and the Stopwatch


Bill Jackson
Founder and CEO, GreatSchools


Chad Aldis
Vice President for Ohio Policy and Advocacy, Thomas B. Fordham Institute
Chris Fullman
Parent Organizer, Wilmington, DE
Damon Gardenhire
Senior Program Officer, Walton Family Foundation
Caitlin Sharp
Education Strategist, Double Line Partners


Michael J. Petrilli
President, Thomas B. Fordham Institute