With almost half of its students attending charter schools, Washington, D.C. is one the leading school-choice cities in the nation. Many elements—a common application process, co-located facilities, and a high degree of collaboration between the district and charter sectors—coalesce to make a city “choice friendly.” But another critical component is getting quality information on those choices in front of parents.  

Enter D.C.’s School Equity Reports. These reports—available for both charter and district schools— are the latest development in the city’s ongoing efforts to improve equity and access for families. Working together collaboratively, the DC Public Charter School Board, district schools and other education agencies, Equity Reports present demographic and performance data for every district and charter school, including attendance, absences, suspension, expulsion, student entry, and withdrawal. But how can we ensure that these reports and other important information get into the hands of parents? And how might this lead to a more robust choice system that works for all kids?

The Fordham Institute and DC Public Charter School Board host a discussion on the comprehensive steps that Washington, D.C. has taken to become one of the most “choice friendly” cities in the nation—and what’s in store for the future of school choice in the nation’s capital.


     Scott Pearson
     Executive Director, DC Public Charter School Board
     Cassandra Pinkney
     Founder and Executive Director, Eagle Academy Public Charter Schools
     Abigail Smith
     Former Deputy Mayor for Education, Washington, D.C.


Michael Petrilli
President, Thomas B. Fordham Institute