Elizabeth Green’s new book, Building a Better Teacher: How Teaching Works (and How to Teach It to Everyone), takes a look at the science and art of being and building a great teacher. But policy questions abound: Can teacher-preparation programs churn out the number of effective new teachers our schools need every year? Should it be harder to become a teacher? Is the real issue “teacher quality” or “quality teaching”? And if the latter, what can governors and other policymakers do about it?
Join the Fordham Institute for a conversation with Green on her new book and discussion on what makes a great teacher—and great teaching.
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Book signing and sale, as well a rooftop reception, will follow the event.

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Elizabeth Green
Author, Building a Better Teacher
Cofounder and CEO, Chalkbeat
Robert Pondiscio
Senior Fellow and Vice President for External Affairs, Thomas B. Fordham Institute