Vice President for Sponsorship and Dayton Initiatives

Kathryn Mullen Upton has been with the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation since 2005. She is responsible for the Fordham Foundation’s charter school sponsorship (aka, “authorizing”) operation as well as initiatives and programming in Fordham’s hometown of Dayton, Ohio. Her sponsorship duties include managing the charter school application and contract process, school evaluations, providing customized assistance to schools, managing charter renewals and non-renewals, facilitating school closures, negotiating contracts, consulting, researching policy solutions and sharing information on sponsorship best practices.  Kathryn is a regular presenter at the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) annual conference. In Dayton, she leads the Fordham Foundation’s efforts to work with education, civic, community, and business leaders to strengthen educational opportunities for Dayton area children. She holds bachelor’s degree from the University of Dayton, and a J.D. from Marquette University Law School.